the guild

The Equine Technology Guild is a loose association of companies working to develop equine technology. Membership is open to hardware and software companies. It is primarily a forum for collaboration between members on matters of shared concern.

technical standards

A major initiative of the ETG is development of common technical standards, to enable faster development and simplify data exchange within the vendor community. The same standards may be used to improve research access to data. The technical standards are developed as opensource projects, hosted on public repositories.

data dictionary

A horse is a horse, no matter where in the world it is and no matter what vendor is describing it. The ETG Data Dictionary consists of definitions of common entities and their attributes, along with sample code in various languages.


Customers should not have to enter their horse's name and foaling date in each of the 3 or 7 or 12 different systems they use. A common API will allow easy data exchange between systems, without each vendor pair needing to negotiate the details. This will improve the customer experience with our products, and help to drive adoption of equine technology throughout the industry.


As the industry develops, the ETG may play a useful role as a central point of contact between industry and various regulatory agencies.


The ETG may serve as a traditional industry / trade group to promote equine technology, through advertising, educational outreach, conferences, and direct interaction with media outlets.




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